Ballistic Baseball (Apple Arcade)

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Gameloft, the market leader in game development and publishing, is pleased to announce that Ballistic Baseball is now available on Apple Arcade. Six new games have been launched on the service, bringing the number of games available to the streaming service to over 100. Gameloft’s first foray into the world of video game streaming is exclusive to AppleArcade, and we are pleased to announce the first game in our new series, Ballistic baseball, which is now available on iOS. Sources: 5, 7, 13

Apple Arcade is a subscription game service that will offer its subscribers more than 100 games at launch, and Apple says they will be released sometime in the fall. For $4.99, Apple Arcade subscribers will forget the $5.00 monthly subscription fee for playing over 100 games. Dozens of games can be played for free on the service at any time during the first few days after launch, but they will be available for a monthly fee of $10 per game or $25 per month thereafter. Sources: 6, 9, 12

This is just a taste of what to expect from Apple Arcade, as many other games are on the way. For those who want to experience all the exciting action, Baseball Ballistic is available in the Apple App Store and can start throwing fast balls and hitting home runs. Sources: 17, 19

With Ballistic Baseball you can test your skills and strategy, and with the A.I. and friends of the game you can adjust the length of each game. Again, if you want to try it, the online game will be a three-inning game, but if you’re playing an A & I game with friends, you can adjust the lengths of the games. Sources: 10, 16

Once you have signed up, the arcade area of the App Store will show you which games are available. Apple is focusing on hand-picked games for its arcade, so there’s a good chance the library will be much smaller and wider than in the App Store. Sources: 1

Apple’s App Store is already a major distribution platform for games, offering over 300,000 free and paid games. So this has the potential to become a giant gaming service, and it should be in line with the existing massive catalogue of games available on the Apple Store and other major gaming platforms. Sources: 2, 3, 4

Apple Arcade has a good history, and Apple was probably one of the first companies to take mobile games seriously and make them financially viable. Apple has not shown any interest in developing its own games titles, instead the company has contributed to the development costs and worked closely with well-known creators to bring their games to Apple devices. As a result, Apple is now entering the game development business, not only for the App Store, but also for Apple Arcade. They say that every game on Apple’s AppleArcade is hand-picked and curated based on game quality, design quality, accessibility and user experience, as well as developer experience. Sources: 1, 14, 18

What’s not fun is when someone hits a ball that’s easy to play but takes over the AI’s terrible fielding. It doesn’t matter how much you train your outfield players, the AI will always find a way to make little contact with the ball or hit it so hard it falls perfectly into the outfield. There is no shortage of depth, and even baseball’s greatest fans will find new ways to push the game forward. You don’t have to worry about training your bat or focusing on defense, as the developers keep you together with guys who are learning how to open and close the mitts while your AI dives and jumps catches all over the outfielder. Sources: 0, 10, 19

The game was hand-picked by Apple and covers a wide range of genres including baseball, football, basketball, football and even a few other sports. There is no doubt that the game will have a small but very dedicated fan base, as it is one of the most popular games on the Apple Store. Sources: 8, 14

The Apple Arcade launches this week with over 100 exclusive games optimized for mobile devices and Apple TV devices, and at $5 a month, they’re relatively inexpensive. While you won’t see any of the games on Android, you can play the game for free in the Apple Store and Apple’s App Store for iOS. Sources: 0, 1, 4

I admit I’m not a big mobile player, but for just $4.99 a month, Apple’s subscription gaming platform gives you access to Ballistic Baseball and more. While you won’t find over 100 new games in the Apple Arcade in the App Store or Apple TV, you will come in and hit, and if you’re looking for an arcade baseball wish that should satisfy everything, cough up the $5 while you’re there. Sources: 10, 11, 15, 19

Ballistic Baseball, developed by Gameloft Brisbane, focuses on winning innings, and it’s about reducing the size of the baseball player against his opponent. Sources: 5, 16

If you allow this change at any time, you can have the pitcher take the batter down with two strokes, then bring it up and throw it to him. This allows you to change times and then get him up but then throw him back down. Sources: 0

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