One thought on “Selfie 2021-05-07


    ā—‡ – Diamond Hard – ā—‡

    ā—‡ Wot I Wrote; just ‘cos I MADE THIS!!!…

    “šŸ’œ An Experiment is Neither Successful Nor UnSuccessful EveryOne; an Experiment either Continues or DisContinues…for example Sexual and Romantic Experimentation results in Continued LifeLong Marriage or a Long BitterSweet Trail of Exes; what an Experiment Does is to Provide an Outcome from Experience and what We Do with that Experience is Entirely Up To OurSelves…there is an Accountability and Responsibility for ALL of Existences; so please Take Care of Others and, Most Importantly, please Take Care of YOURSELF!!! because it’s Necessary to Love YOURSELF!!! and NOT!!! at ALL Selfish…this is In Order To Be Nice to Others WhatEver The CIRCUMSTANCES!!! but Do Set Boundaries and Assert Them either Gently or Aggressively; in Other Words; it’s OK To Be Self-Ish and Self Protecting without Pre-Meditated (Punishing šŸ¤” ?) VIOLENT!!! Behaviour Be it Physical, Psychological and/or Soulful VIOLENT BEHAVIOUR!!!

    nisi mortuus nec neque nolite vicit šŸ¤­šŸ¤«šŸ¤


    ā—‡ – Diamond Hard – ā—‡



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