4 replies to “2021-06-18 tired 😰

  1. πŸ’œ We Is Earth Angels SupaSouBro; it’s The A Team that Builds ItSelf, 24,000,000 and Counting Assisting Ascension


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    1. Couple of years ago I was in prison, a prison guard threw hot coffee in my face thew the bars, it’s never been the same since, the muggy weather is making it flair up a bit more than usual, next month I’ve got an appointment with the hospital again, covid made the wait a bit long 🀷

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      1. πŸ’œ Go Well SupaSouBro; it’s NEVER!!! Fun Spending Time in a Cell…for The Record I Was Kicked Out of a Cell Before Public Transport Resumed; so Go Figure


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