June 30th 2021, Very tired today 😰

Amazon Photos archive…


Today’s Highlights…

London bus
Hare Krishna
Regents Canal lock

Ready for more…

They are hiding on my Amazon Photos archive…


An update to yesterdays rant… So as I told you yesterday WordPress sucks donkey dicks (not in a fun way, if there is one) but im kinda stuck with them… But not for too long… It’s summer here in London and lockdown is about to end so for now I’ll post the link https://www.amazon.co.uk/photos/share/LewKYsEYggQ935IugDQiIUmW2vVl2ekygjNgTtfrR92 to my Amazon Photos archive here daily with a few photos so you can get the jist… But come winter I’ll find a real website host, design a new site on a real website host where I can buy extra storage as required you know like it is everywhere else and is the normal, stupid WordPress never got the memo “hey guys why don’t you sell extra storage and make silly money for doing nothing?” I imagine a WordPress engineer maybe hiding this from the CEOs so s/he doesn’t have to plug in a harddrive every now and again because it would interfere with their coffee break, fuck you! WordPress; such a nice platform ruined by a silly little service that they could make millions of dollars for doing very little. Fuck em, anyway this is how it is, you get a few wonderful pictures here, but if you need more, you’ll have to visit my Amazon Photos archive https://www.amazon.co.uk/photos/share/LewKYsEYggQ935IugDQiIUmW2vVl2ekygjNgTtfrR92

I have an Amazon wishlist too, I bet you cannot find it hidden on my contact page and I’ll double bet you cannot surprise with a MacBook Pro 😊

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