July 4th 2021, I bought a BIKE !

Amazon Photos archive…


Today’s Highlights…

On my way
Arrived at Angel Central
Ah coffee!

There’s more on my Amazon Photos archive…


I spent all my money 😔, but it went to a good cause 🤔, as it turns out my MacBook Pro isn’t good enough to render the videos of my journeys, so it’ll have to be a photo diary for now, I have my eyes on a computer that should be good enough, it’s £220 in Cex (webuy.com) so maybe by Christmas, I’ll be posting videos along side the photos, as discussed before WordPress is shit, so as I look for a real hosting provider, YouTube will most likely be a temporary host until I can host myself, of course I’ll embed any video here, but if you want to be notified as soon as I release a video, subscribe to my YouTube channel , details on my contact page

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