July 6th 2021, Part 2, Highbury to Angel to Tottenham Court Rd to Hyde Park and back πŸ˜…

Amazon Photos archive…


The highlights…

A street in London
It’s me πŸ˜„
Making the birds Go wild
Hare Krishna

Don’t forget to check out my Amazon Photos archive…


There’s loads more pictures over there, because WordPress is shit! And has only a small limit for media 🀬.

The internet is still shit today but I’m using my backup internet from Superdrug, normally I use VOXI but it hasn’t been working since yesterday, I’ve complained on twitter to them, I got stuck in a bot loop 😿 but hopefully someone will get back to me, internet is a basic human right and they’ve got their money so let’s see!

I’ll upload a video with in the hour, I’ve got one rendering now, gosh it takes time rendering in 5k on an old machine πŸ˜…

One response to “July 6th 2021, Part 2, Highbury to Angel to Tottenham Court Rd to Hyde Park and back πŸ˜…”

  1. […] highlights today, I was so busy I forgot to take photos, somehow some photos from yesterday have ended up on today’s archive 🀷🏾 so I posted the […]


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