12 replies to “Motherfuckers! 🤬

      1. So… They are keeping me banned, but never gave a reason, only a link to community guidelines, my guess is they didn’t like the freedom march in London video I uploaded, but it’s just a guess 🤷🏾


      2. I did 10 protest videos in total, I never received a warning or a strike, my channel was in good standing until I published 5he protest videos, then I got blocked almost immediately 🤷, I have no idea of the truth, but the fact they won’t tell me why I’m banned makes me think it’s because I show support for the freedom march.


      3. That’s….odd. You appealed and lost, but you should have the right to find out what you were pulled for, and if not that, what strikes your record had as you should have had some marks.

        Basically, demand Discovery (it’s what we need to proceed in legal cases here – if there’s no discovery, there’s no case). If they can’t point to anything, then your best argument is that they must have confused yuo with someone else as they can produce no evidence to explain why they pulled you. Maybe they’ll just tell you, maybe they won’t but it’s a valid request

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      1. 💜 The KEY!!! To Advancement EveryOne; it’s Acceptance, Adjustment and Adaptation, Basically it’s EVOLUTION!!! and ASCENSION!!!


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