So… This happened…

Well they decided whatever I did was really bad, so bad in fact they won’t tell me what I did wrong

It’s actually become apparent that being blocked from YouTube is an actual pain in the ass, as I can not even watch videos, so when I try to find a song on Google, or how to factory reset my phone, it comes up with the YouTube link but when I try to watch it, error!

Ahh well… Good old twitch will have to do for now.

Just a bydeby I think I got banned for uploading videos of the London freedom march, the timing seems awfully suspicious 🤔

7 responses to “So… This happened…”

  1. Ughhhhh! F* the people from the internet.
    Not long ago, i was accepted to an art community site as a mid level designer. 10 days later, they suspended my account because my art is not up their standards.
    Fine if that is what they think, but they really got my hopes up for being accepted in the first place 🤨
    And then they wonder why people become depressed, demotivated and frustrated…. 👺👺

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    1. Motherfuckers! Personally I love your doodles, I don’t know why they disappeared from my feed, I assumed you’d moved on to something else, and art is subjective anyway how can they say it’s not up to their standard 🤬 pffff I say enjoy yourself! And later I’m gonna browse your site on the big computer so I can see what I missed! And then tell ya it’s not up to much 😅😅 jokes, I love your art, I hope you keep it up!


      1. It’s just that was about win a contest of 560 USD before those creeps cut me out… they can go to hell

        But thank you! It means a lot to know that the doodles can make people smile or laugh 😀

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      2. Ahh motherfuckers! Scared of the competition, they probably have a winner in mind already! The art world is fixed 😅


  2. YouTube is a subsidiary of the ominous Google monolith. Many of us do not trust them.

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    1. Generally I find Google a benign overlord, but I guess that’s the point, once you let them have all the power, they can show full force, I am rather worried about my email account now, can they one day out of the blue, turn it off? Like they did with ma YouTube?

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