It’s a two way street…

So having been banned from YouTube, yes I’m still yapping on about this, yes I’m annoyed and yes I’m being annoying and i should get on with my life, but wait hear me out…

So I thought to myself, how can I get back at Google? I’m one man, they offer a range of really good services for free, but I still feel hard done by.

I performed a thought experiment, can I stop using ALL of Googles services? Can I click ‘close my Google account’ and then click ‘confirm’…

The answer is no.

No I can not, my Gmail is linked to my bank, my government services, friends and more than I can even think, every single site that offers Login with Google, I login with Google, I am so fucking lazy it’s beyond a joke.

But that’s just my email/Gmail, I have an android phone as my main phone and an apple as a backup, could I setup apple as my main phone?


My apple is nice and all, but it’s just a brick, I’m not really a fan.

With my android, I use Google maps to share my location with a few good friends, I use gpay to pay for things, I use Chrome to sync my passwords and bookmarks, shit! Google runs my life!

So what? What can I do to seek my revenge on the overlord that took from me my main creative outlet?

Kill chrome!!?

Yes! I’ve decided to give up Chrome, really!

I’ve used chrome for years, never really considered other browsers, I browse a lot of websites, I read the news for at least 2 hours a day, and give this information about my interests to Google freely, and I click on Google’s adverts, well not no more!

After much research (in chrome of course) I found a fairly new browser trying to take on the world, Brave, that’s it’s name!

So I’ve taken the plunge, I’m trying out this browser, I’m being brave 😅 and I’m trying out there very own search engine.

Of course all my passwords and bookmarks are going to be a problem, but I did import what I could.

My thinking is this, if Google is going to deny me service, Ddos attack! Then I’m going to try my best to deny them my personal information, of course they can still collect my maps location, payment history, phone usage, but at least for now they’ll miss out on what I’m reading.

Maybe if this move to another browser goes well, I’ll try to move away to other Google alternatives, slowly denying them of vital information about me.

I’m just one man, I’m not going to ruin Google for everyone, but if I can disconnect, then anyone can, if course I’ll keep this blog updated,

Maybe even provide a “how to guide for removing Google from your life” 🤷🏾

I’m heading into a Brave 😅 new world for me, change is not something I’m a fan of, but I’m pissed off, so fuck you chrome!

If Brave doesn’t work out, I have had thoughts about fixing MS Explorer…


2 responses to “It’s a two way street…”

    1. thanks for sharing :), I’m particularly proud of this post, i haven’t ranted like this in a long time 🙂


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