July 24th 2021; Freedom Rally @ The National Gallery

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Me 😊
Small World
The National Gallery

So today was a good day πŸ˜€, first I made a few cosmetic changes to my website, subtle ones, see if you can notice πŸ˜… it’s been on my to-do list for nearly a year! (Don’t forget this website was just supposed to be a landing page for my comic, but has evolved way past that!) And talking of this website, sticking with the theme of being banned from mainstream social networks I’ve decided it’s about time to move on to the web 3.0! More on that soon… but it’s happening!

I attended the freedom rally, met some really interesting folk with some super cool ideas about what’s happening behind the scenes of the covid pandemic/plandemic , forced vaccinations etc, I’ll share some of ideas once I can figure out how to write them down coherently.

My test of the camera on my 5G phone didn’t go well, the iPhone SE 2020 did a much better job, however I will try again with my 5G phone tomorrow as I might of been the problem today, I have changed a few settings and will see if tomorrow they work better, if not the iPhone is back in business πŸ˜… I’ll figure it out or move on to something else.


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