July 25th 2021; it’s kinda complicated…

So basically in a few hours from now, my online presence will be changed FOREVER hahahaha 🤣

But seriously… somethingcomplicated.co.uk will be a landing page for


Future blog posts hopefully 🤞 will be backed up to


as far as I understand you need Brave or Opera browser to visit this link OR an extension for your current browser (available from your browser store, I’m told)

somethingcomplicated.com (here) will remain as it is, although I’ll post links to the web 3.0 version of this site more regularly, my web 3.0 version is going to change alot over the next few days as I get it how I want it, so feel free to watch it transform 😀

As per usual..

Amazon Photos archive…



😅 it’s just a photo 😂 whatever WordPress 😅
And a car 🤷🏾


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