I’m running out of storage on WordPress πŸ˜…

It started some time ago, regular followers already know this, from my previous post WordPress sucks! (Can’t find the link right now, how strange??!!) Maybe I’ll update later, maybe you can go digging πŸ˜…

Long story short I’m on the personal plan, I get 6gb, the max you can ever get is 200gb regardless of how much money you throw at them (WordPress) I used very colourful language with the customer support as I don’t need the features of the top plan I just need space of demand, I’ve been thinking of leaving WordPress because of this, but now I have my forever website, I going to try mixing them together.

Hopefully above you see a jpg, and not a link or a broken IMG, it’s hosted on the forever web, this text is not (yet).

I’ll be pinning all the images to various caches but this should be a fun experiment, let me know if you have troubles seeing any image or even if they are slow fast or poor quality 🀣

Here’s a few more…

You’ll see this one on somethingcomplicated.co.uk

My business card 😊

7 replies to “I’m running out of storage on WordPress πŸ˜…

  1. πŸ’œ I SEE (Soulful Emotional Energy) The Image Markers SupaSoulBro; then, when I Follow the Marker the “429 Too Many Requests” message is Displayed


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      1. πŸ’œ Ummm, given the “429” message SupaSoulBro; it’s more a case of the algorithms getting tired because of ‘404’ poor coding


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  2. I can see them. I use a hot spot and it didn’t take long to load at all. 2 of them – with a coffee travel mug, and a collage, then a coupon. Hope that helps!


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