11 replies to “24th August 2021; XR protest in London

  1. I always fancy London! It’s a fun city!
    The UK is actually really active in the Wind Power industry, but I don’t hear anyone praising the government for investing in that.

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    1. Or love for the NHS 😅, it’s either business as usual or protest or strike 🤣 oh yea, I might have another project for ya in a few weeks, it’s only a maybe for now so don’t get excited, but I’m looking for a back tattoo and I have eyes on shifty the bear 🐻 with Mr judgy but I haven’t decided yet


      1. True. I just finished the book ” this is going to hurt” by Adam Kay.

        That’s like putting chocolate in front of me and tell me not to eat it, haha. Of course I am excited 🤩
        Not sure if I should encourage you or stop you though, haha. It’s a painful, permanent-ish decision! Would it be your first?

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      2. No, I have a few tats, I just got another one yesterday on my right arm, photos coming soon, I’m prepping for next summer 😅, I need no encouragement 🤣 once I set my mind, it permanent.

        Is it a good read?, I’m looking for a book to read actually.


      3. I dislike pain, so it’s not for me. But I do think it looks cool.

        The book got a lot of great reviews and I think it deserves all the praises.
        It’s both funny, sad and very honest.

        What do you read books on ?

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      4. Ah ok. I read pretty much only thriller and crime.
        Well, listen to audiobooks.

        Do you buy hardcopies or ebooks?


      5. Depends on how interested I am in reading something, I prefer the actual book, but if I’m desperate to read it I’ll get the ebook, I don’t really enjoy ebooks the same as actual books 🤷🏿 there is a nice feeling to actual books that doesn’t exist in ebooks


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