the city was completely deserted


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How New Paper Airplanes Create Positivity
The latest news from the United States has made this year’s World War II bomber project a hit. A team of scientists in Los Angeles discovered that the presence of hydrogen peroxide in the human bloodstream increases positive thinking, which results in more people being able to think up creative ways to make their living as opposed to working on coal. They even discovered that hydrogen peroxide is an ingredient in some of the most popular soda fountains. These are amazing discoveries to us, but for our country we were forced to give the Germans and Japanese a hard time and they used them to fuel their war effort. It was a terrible way to go through our country, so in response to these revelations we began testing other things, such as carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, and other gases with a very high potential for negative effects. We also started developing new technologies for using carbon nanotube materials and making reusable plastic. This process took much longer than expected because it took a long while before the Americans found out about it. Now we’re just ahead of the curve!
The main reason why so many things have worked so well during the war was that our country had to develop everything on its own. We weren’t taught how to manufacture things and how to build anything so we had to do everything by hand. If I wanted a toy car I had to learn how to build one, and if I needed a book or some clothes I had to buy those myself. I didn’t have the luxury of having someone teach me. I learned what I needed, and then I learned how to build whatever I needed. We did not have teachers who would instruct us in the correct way or point us toward the right thing, so the best part about building things was that no one told you what to make them look like or what size you should put them. The only instruction you really got was “make something!” So we tried everything and everyone we could, and in a short amount of time all sorts of things were produced. You can imagine my surprise when I first saw a real airplane. I’m sure I didn’t know what I was looking at until after a few minutes of walking around. And I certainly didn’t expect to fly it! I couldn’t wait to try out the flight deck or see how fast it went. I spent hours trying to learn how to operate the planes and how to fire off the engines. All the while my parents watched over my shoulder and made fun of me the whole time.
Now, let’s get back to the original story.
The American people never knew they needed to invent such advanced technology. Most people never thought to learn how to drive cars, so most people didn’t realize that automobiles were actually used for transportation purposes. The majority of the population had no idea what cars did. And yet the United States became the largest consumer of gasoline since the automobile itself existed. But the United States wasn’t the only nation producing fuel. Germany and Japan also produced gasoline and were already doing pretty well by the late 1940s and early 1950s. Even America, despite not wanting to become reliant on foreign imports, continued to import oil and other natural resources from other countries. For example, China, Russia, and Argentina supplied the United States with crude oil for over fifty years. During that period, America developed a number of products in factories that we would still be running today if we hadn’t begun manufacturing our own stuff to replace petroleum. The first big step towards becoming self-sufficient came when a group of British engineers developed an alternative to fossil fuels. This new source of renewable energy turned out to be less destructive and more environmentally friendly. By the late 1970s, however, the US government had decided there was a shortage of the raw material. Instead of supplying domestic demand with fresh air, food, water, clothing, and other materials, the Americans decided to sell the same products to consumers across the globe. This brought about the world’s second biggest petroleum supply crisis in twenty years, with the total cost of supplying the world going up from around $200 billion to $250 billion.
When the U.S. government decided to begin creating fuel for domestic consumption instead of exporting it, the problem wasn’t so bad. It was a simple matter to fill the tanks of several hundred million cars. But fuel for global consumption was another matter entirely. The United States didn’t have nearly enough spare parts to make a single vehicle run, but that was fine. That was what they built airplanes for. They built jet aircraft so that they could deliver supplies from the United States and Canada to the rest of the world. But as the price of gas kept rising, more and more cars were going to waste because they simply weren’t capable of carrying heavy loads in the form of fuel. With each plane that crashed on the tarmac, new parts cost thousands of dollars. As a result, the world’s most sophisticated airplane manufacturers—including Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Airbus, Voisin, Delta, and JetBlue—were scrambling to find replacement parts for almost every existing airplane. Unfortunately, the world’s most sophisticated electronics, electronics development programs, and hardware stores couldn’t produce replacement parts fast enough. The entire world economy was on hold, and the situation had been growing worse by the day.
In order to address the immediate problems the government faced, President Ford declared national emergency on March 25th, 1969. He ordered all the major cities in the United States to immediately evacuate their citizens. Those who were fortunate enough to move to other areas of the country soon realized that the city was completely deserted. While many people feared they might miss a good show by moving away, they also hoped that their relatives and friends would somehow survive. As far as many were concerned, the city of Washington D.C. would be the last place that they saw their families and friends for weeks on end. In fact, it looked like most places in the United States might soon be abandoned as well. Cars were starting to run out of gas, and the city was slowly shutting down its electric lights.
This was exactly what the politicians and bureaucrats had planned. When the crisis finally broke out in the United States, the military was called into action. It seemed as though every soldier that had been sent overseas had been equipped with a small army. This meant that everyone on the scene was armed to the teeth and ready to fight. This was one reason why there weren’t many planes flying overhead; the government wanted the soldiers on the ground as little exposed to possible radiation as possible.

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