Dinner should be ready


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Why Robots Hunt Bears?
It’s not a question that has ever crossed his mind before. It wasn’t until the night after one of their hunts together with their classmates that he was able to come up with an answer. As they were walking back towards their home, he asked it casually while they were making their way through some bushes and trees and grass, not wanting to be seen by the other students as they went to their classes, which were only ten minutes or so down the road. “Hey, Katsuki? Why do you hate them so much?” Izuku asked as the pair passed the last set of trees blocking the view of anyone passing by on campus. The boy looked at him, a quizzical expression gracing his features.
He furrowed his brows in thought before finally answering. “They make fun of me… because I’m quirkless and because my mom is a hunter. They never leave me alone about it.” He said softly, his face twisting into a scowl at the mere thought of being mocked or bullied by others. “What did your parents do?” Izuku asked curiously. “Nothing…” Bakugou answered quietly. “I don’t think they knew anything about any of it. They just accepted that it happened.”
“That must have been rough for you…” Izuku replied sympathetically.
Bakugou scoffed, shoving hands deep into his pockets. “Yeah well, if you want my opinion, it wasn’t all bad. At least they didn’t kick me out! And even though they weren’t around enough to help me, my dad still helped take care of me whenever I had time off work. And yeah, he wasn’t around as much when I needed him, but that was alright. I’d rather not have those kinds of expectations when dealing with people like All Might anyway. My mom was the same way too. She always encouraged us both to be ourselves no matter what. So yeah, it sucked that she wasn’t around most of the time, but I guess things worked out better than I thought they would.”
Izuku smiled. “Your dad sounds like a really great man. I hope someday I get the chance to meet him.”
Bakugou nodded and glanced away from him for a moment. “Yeah… I know he’d be glad someone wanted to meet him. It’s been years since his agency disbanded and now there aren’t many heroes to rely on. But he’d love to meet you again, I’m sure of it. His favorite thing to talk about is how amazing you are… and how proud he is of everything you’ve achieved. You’re lucky to have met him; we both are.”
Izuku blushed a little. He was so used to compliments on his quirk that hearing Bakugou say something about it made him feel a little special in a way. “Thanks, Kacchan. And thank you for taking me with you. I can honestly say it was the best hunt ever. We’ll definitely go again sometime, I promise!”
Bakugou rolled his eyes but grinned nonetheless. “If we don’t catch this damn bear, we never will!”
The two friends continued on their way towards home, talking idly and catching up on each other’s lives. Once the reached the front door of their house, Midoriya opened the front door and waited impatiently for Bakugou to follow, letting him inside. “We’re home!” Izuku called, setting his bag beside the door and taking off his shoes.
“Welcome home, boys. Dinner should be ready by then; I’ll be in soon.” came his mom’s response.
As Bakugou put his coat away, Midoriya went upstairs and headed towards his room. As soon as he entered the room, he heard the sound of his father yelling, causing him to jump slightly. “You son of a bitch, stop moving around!” the voice yelled over the TV. A few moments later, his father walked into the room, slamming the bathroom door shut behind him as the tv droned on.
Midoriya took in a deep breath to steady himself, trying to calm himself down so he wouldn’t freak out. His father was usually more quiet than this. ‘Maybe I shouldn’t try too hard…’ He sighed sadly before getting undressed, quickly changing into his pajamas and crawling under his covers. With that done, he turned onto his side to face the wall, waiting quietly for his dad to return. The door creaked open once again and the light was switched on, causing his eyes to snap open and look straight ahead.
His dad stood in front of him, staring into Midoriya’s eyes. For a few seconds neither of them said anything before Midoriya felt something warm brush past his ear. “Goodnight, kiddo. I’m proud of you today. I don’t think I could have done any of this without you.” His dad spoke in a soft whisper, his lips pressing against the crown of Midoriya’s head.
A huge smile spread across his face at the words spoken by his father. The warmth was starting to seep through his shirt and he couldn’t wait to feel it again tomorrow morning when he woke up. Midoriya closed his eyes and snuggled deeper into his blankets, listening as his father left the room again. Soon after, he drifted off to sleep, feeling much happier than he had earlier that day.
Chapter 2
“This one is for you, Todoroki!” Ashido shouted, holding up a pink balloon full of glitter. Todoroki looked at her strangely before accepting the balloon from her hand, glancing back down at the card taped to it. It was written in English, which confused the redhead, as she was pretty fluent in several languages, but English seemed odd for her. The message read, ‘Happy birthday, Todoroki! –Momo xxx-xxxx.’
Todoroki looked back up at her, raising a questioning eyebrow. “You’re my sister?” Ashido nodded enthusiastically, bouncing on her toes.

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