Beef burger πŸ˜‹

Cheeseburgers, are now one of the most popular foods in the United States. The burger chain has been wowing fans since Californians – based in the US – served thin pies with lettuce, tomatoes, perhaps cheese and onions in 1948. The best cheese that filled a cheeseburger is Cracker Barrel Sharp Cheddar, which I foundContinue reading “Beef burger πŸ˜‹”

Blood Dumpling Soup πŸ˜‹

A recent craving for everything to do with dumplings led me to a recipe I found on the Internet, and that’s it. It is made by crushing cassava, sweet potatoes and plantains into a dough of some consistency and eating it in small balls, dipped in soup or sauce. The curdled soup is kneaded withContinue reading “Blood Dumpling Soup πŸ˜‹”

Meatballs & Macaroni πŸ˜‹

This oven-baked meatball is one of the best things I’ve learned to make since I made meatballs with sauce. In this Swedish meatball with mac-cheese recipe, I use a cooking mix and mix in plenty of gooey cheese, which makes a meal that can be whipped up in about 30 minutes, which is a guaranteedContinue reading “Meatballs & Macaroni πŸ˜‹”

Prosciutto πŸ˜‹

Italian ham, commonly known as ham in the US, is said to be much more than that. As with most aspects of Italian gastronomy, there is much more to the ham of the ancient Romans than we know. Sources: 8, 19 The Italian sutto is a dry Italian ham, usually cut into thin slices andContinue reading “Prosciutto πŸ˜‹”

Shepherd’s Pie πŸ˜‹

We’re in the middle of the polar vortex and all we want to do is eat plants – based on that, so Shepherd’s Pie is season! One of my husband’s favourite dishes this winter is lentil shepherd’s pie, which consists of lentils, mashed potatoes and some gravy. If ever there was a comfort food, especiallyContinue reading “Shepherd’s Pie πŸ˜‹”

Barbecued Snags πŸ˜‹

If you’re cooking some cheeseburgers or trying some of the best barbecue dishes for the holiday weekend, you’ll find a great place to get some refreshment for your vacation – the weekend barbecue. Before you buy what you take to your friend’s barbecue, there are a few things you need to know. Sources: 0, 12Continue reading “Barbecued Snags πŸ˜‹”

Popover πŸ˜‹

When I was growing up, pop-ups didn’t appear on my great-grandmother’s list of favorite foods. I always heard how difficult it was to make popover, but her recipe didn’t fit into that category. Sources: 10, 12 Throwing brownish butter over the popover and then rolling it in cinnamon and sugar just sounded way too goodContinue reading “Popover πŸ˜‹”

Cheese Platter πŸ˜‹

Don’t just throw a few pieces of cheese on a simple plate and serve them for the holidays? Learn how to make the best cold cuts for parties where sausages, cheese, fruit and other delicious foods are strung together. In this article I will tell you how I made a fruit and cheese board thatContinue reading “Cheese Platter πŸ˜‹”

Cullen Skink 🀒

I struggled when asked to describe my cooking style, as it is a mixture of passion and seasonality. I grew up on a diet, and although it is interesting that I call the dish decadent, variations on potatoes, dairy products and smoked fish have been the backbone of my diet for many years. But IContinue reading “Cullen Skink 🀒”

Nyama Choma πŸ˜‹

I’ve written a few times in Migrationsology about where to eat the best Nyama Choma in Nairobi, and it’s always been a lip-licking article. Check out my list of my favourite places where I can eat good nYama Choma and where I eat it. Burgers are popular throughout northern Kenya, but my favourite place isContinue reading “Nyama Choma πŸ˜‹”

Moussaka πŸ˜‹

Greek moussaka or “mousaka” is one of the most popular dishes in Greece, served in almost every tavern and prepared in households for special occasions. Sources: 5 The epitome of Greek comfort, moussaka is basically a meat sauce with a lot of flavor: rich beef or lamb stuffed with lightly spiced oregano and cinnamon, toppedContinue reading “Moussaka πŸ˜‹”

ZΓΌrcher Geschnetzeltes πŸ˜‹

Switzerland is famous for its beautiful natural landscape, but when it comes to food, it is a gourmet paradise. There are numerous national and regional dishes to discover and there is no shortage of delicious dishes such as dried sausages, sauerkraut, chocolates, cheese, pastries and much more. The most popular foods in Switzerland, such asContinue reading “ZΓΌrcher Geschnetzeltes πŸ˜‹”

Brunswick Stew 🐿

Winter is coming, and its soup and stew time here, and one of my favourites is Brunswick Stew. If you’re looking for one warm and hearty meal before you head out and face the weather, I recommend you prepare a batch of this healthy Brunswick stew. If you have never tried it, I encourage youContinue reading “Brunswick Stew 🐿”