Building, The T-Shirt

The Bella + Canvas 3001 t-shirt feels soft and light, with just the right amount of stretch. It’s comfortable and the unisex cut is flattering for both men and women. I can’t compliment this shirt enough. Description 100% combed and ring-spun cotton Fabric weight: 4.2 oz/y² (142 g/m²) Pre-shrunk fabric Tear-away label Shoulder-to-shoulder taping Side-seamedContinue reading “Building, The T-Shirt”

Outlanders (Apple Arcade)

It is easy to overlook this game as another limbo clone, but this 2D Jump Puzzler is a real gem. Instead of letting you go alone, Outlanders demands that the player help the guide with problems and dilemmas, and it’s based on a better storytelling hook. The game is driven and driven by a chapter-basedContinue reading “Outlanders (Apple Arcade)”

Varmdo, Sweden 🤧

One of the coolest winter activities is exploring the Baltic Sea with a boat trip to Lake Varna, one of Sweden’s most popular tourist destinations. Stockholm residents enjoy the scenic views of Stockholm and its surroundings and it is a cool experience to be out of town. Sources: 0, 3 Stockholm is also a gastronomicContinue reading “Varmdo, Sweden 🤧”

Exeter, England 😒

The English Riviera, consisting of the Isle of Wight, Cornwall, Devon, Hampshire, Exeter, Somerset and Cornwall, is the closest to living abroad in England. From the UK, it is easy to get to by train and is the perfect place to visit the beautiful history of the region, which includes some of the most famousContinue reading “Exeter, England 😒”

Silly, Belgium 😜

I have found that this bizarre law is just a myth that should not be believed, but there is no doubt that Belgians have some of the worst roads in the Netherlands, so when you cross the border you will immediately see and feel the difference. When you are on the Antwerp motorway, pay attentionContinue reading “Silly, Belgium 😜”

Rammu, Estonia 😌

From the stunning beaches of Parnu to exploring the picturesque town of Otepaa, here are some of the best day trips to Tallinn, Estonia. Viljandi, the capital of Estonian folk music, is a beautiful city with a rich history and a great sense of history. Sources: 1, 12 This place is home to Estonia’s oldestContinue reading “Rammu, Estonia 😌”

Seville, Spain ☺️

Barcelona is the best city to visit, but Seville is next on the list, and it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and the second most important city in Spain. Seille is located in a beautiful region of Andalusia and is ideal for all kinds of activities in and around theContinue reading “Seville, Spain ☺️”

Sweet Corn 😋

Whether your local farm stall is selling bushels of sweetcorn or your grocery store is building an amazingly enticing exhibition, you’ll find a place for sweetcorn on your menu tonight. I use it in many ways, from a sweet and savoury snack to a savoury side dish to an appetizer. Sources: 4, 8, 10 CreamedContinue reading “Sweet Corn 😋”

Greenwood, Indiana 😛

Greenwood, Indiana, was founded in 1823 and is a place where you can do anything to live and reside. This Indiana water park has created a great place for residents and visitors to indulge in a variety of activities and have a wonderful time. Like so many sprawling parks, Greenwood Children’s Park is a placeContinue reading “Greenwood, Indiana 😛”

Ankara, Turkey 😃

Ankara may not be the most attractive city in the world, but it offers visitors a different side of modern Turkey. Although most people consider Istanbul to be the country’s biggest attraction, the capital Ankara is one of Turkey’s most popular cities and has planned Turkish holidays and sorted out Turkish visas, it will notContinue reading “Ankara, Turkey 😃”

Sponge Bob: Patty Pursuit 💩

The characters and environments give a dose of nostalgia to those who haven’t seen SpongeBob for quite a while, and although the game works, you still feel like a kid while playing it. The characters, the environment, even if you haven’t seen him in a while – it all works and makes me feel likeContinue reading “Sponge Bob: Patty Pursuit 💩”

Rosecliff, Rhode Island 😚

A few days ago, I shared some photos from our recent trip to Newport, Rhode Island, with my mother and cousin. Jamie and I had a late lunch at 22 Bowens Wine Bar & Grille before visiting the Rosecliff Museum of Art, one of my favourite places on the island. Knowing my interest in everythingContinue reading “Rosecliff, Rhode Island 😚”

The Pineapple, Scotland 🍍

Regularly described as one of the most beautiful places in the world and a great place to enjoy, you can see why some people want to stay here. Sources: 0, 5 If you’re looking for a unique place in Scotland, the Pineapple House in Dunmore is a must. Unfortunately, before you enter the “pineapple folly,”Continue reading “The Pineapple, Scotland 🍍”