Milk, The T-Shirt

The Bella + Canvas 3001 t-shirt feels soft and light, with just the right amount of stretch. It’s comfortable and the unisex cut is flattering for both men and women. I can’t compliment this shirt enough. Description 100% combed and ring-spun cotton Fabric weight: 4.2 oz/yΒ² (142 g/mΒ²) Pre-shrunk fabric Tear-away label Shoulder-to-shoulder taping Side-seamedContinue reading “Milk, The T-Shirt”

Kakul 🀒

For the first time ever, I put my local cuisine aside – just the mentality and focused on finding the best restaurants in Bali, regardless of the cuisine. If you love simple street food, try to leave room for one of the fancy restaurants on your trip. Sources: 1 If you are looking for aContinue reading “Kakul 🀒”

Pretzels πŸ˜‹

Soft, salty and almost delicious, these pretzels are baked and often dipped in thick yellow cheese. My husband and I have always bonded over our shared love of soft pretzels, but it was the first time we lived in the same town as a few years ago that we loved her as much as sheContinue reading “Pretzels πŸ˜‹”

Fried Catfish 🀒

So today I want to share a recipe with you to make some of my favorite roasted catfish, one of my favorites from Big Mama. Today’s recipe is Food Fried Catfish – a southern recipe that Big Daddy handed down to me and passed on from my mum! Sources: 0, 2 Having a good pan-friedContinue reading “Fried Catfish 🀒”

Prosciutto πŸ˜‹

Italian ham, commonly known as ham in the US, is said to be much more than that. As with most aspects of Italian gastronomy, there is much more to the ham of the ancient Romans than we know. Sources: 8, 19 The Italian sutto is a dry Italian ham, usually cut into thin slices andContinue reading “Prosciutto πŸ˜‹”

Churros πŸ˜‹

Chef Marcela Valladolid shares some of her favorite recipes from her Emmy-nominated Food Network show Kitchen Kitchen. Louise Pickford, a food stylist on the blog, shows us today how to make a simple, delicious and easy-to-make – vegan, gluten-free, vegan – version of a classic dish from the food world. Sources: 1, 8 If you’reContinue reading “Churros πŸ˜‹”

Shepherd’s Pie πŸ˜‹

We’re in the middle of the polar vortex and all we want to do is eat plants – based on that, so Shepherd’s Pie is season! One of my husband’s favourite dishes this winter is lentil shepherd’s pie, which consists of lentils, mashed potatoes and some gravy. If ever there was a comfort food, especiallyContinue reading “Shepherd’s Pie πŸ˜‹”

Unag 🀒

Hitsumabushi (hitsumabsushi) is a piece of grilled Unagi served with rice of the specialty Nagoya. Unagi can be prepared in many different ways, but the most popular is kabayaki, in which Unagai fillets are grilled and fried in a savoury or sweet sauce. It is also used in nigiri sushi, a thin piece of grilledContinue reading “Unag 🀒”

Tom Kha Gai πŸ˜‹

Prepare this amazing Thai soup and suddenly Tom Kha Gai is a powerhouse against colds and fevers. The ingredients of the Tom Kha Gai recipe (tmkhaaaik) are quite simple and the preparation method is mainly coconut milk, which is the most important part. I will share this Tom-Gha recipe step by step, just like youContinue reading “Tom Kha Gai πŸ˜‹”

Cullen Skink 🀒

I struggled when asked to describe my cooking style, as it is a mixture of passion and seasonality. I grew up on a diet, and although it is interesting that I call the dish decadent, variations on potatoes, dairy products and smoked fish have been the backbone of my diet for many years. But IContinue reading “Cullen Skink 🀒”

Poutine πŸ˜‹

It’s hard to imagine a dish having such a big cultural impact on a country, but a poutine gives many Canadians a sense of national pride. Poutine is Canada’s national dish, so much so that whenever anyone asks me what I think of when they say Canada! Ya! I can only think poutine (not Putin).Continue reading “Poutine πŸ˜‹”