Brunswick Stew 🐿

Winter is coming, and its soup and stew time here, and one of my favourites is Brunswick Stew. If you’re looking for one warm and hearty meal before you head out and face the weather, I recommend you prepare a batch of this healthy Brunswick stew. If you have never tried it, I encourage youContinue reading “Brunswick Stew 🐿”

Bigos Stew 😋

Polish hunter stew, Bigos, is a hearty, smoky stew filled with rabbit, sausage, bacon and lots of vegetables. This savoury stew is made with the finest ingredients, which creates a complex and enticing taste. This amazing comfort food achieves the perfect balance between meaty, spicy and earthy flavours. You can add some chopped fresh whiteContinue reading “Bigos Stew 😋”

Blood Dumpling Soup 😋

A recent craving for everything to do with dumplings led me to a recipe I found on the Internet, and that’s it. It is made by crushing cassava, sweet potatoes and plantains into a dough of some consistency and eating it in small balls, dipped in soup or sauce. The curdled soup is kneaded withContinue reading “Blood Dumpling Soup 😋”

Shepherd’s Pie 😋

We’re in the middle of the polar vortex and all we want to do is eat plants – based on that, so Shepherd’s Pie is season! One of my husband’s favourite dishes this winter is lentil shepherd’s pie, which consists of lentils, mashed potatoes and some gravy. If ever there was a comfort food, especiallyContinue reading “Shepherd’s Pie 😋”

Rabbit & Prunes 😋

This is a rich and nutritious way to serve rabbit meat that the whole family will love. This rabbit recipe is great for winter stews and fricassee. Sources: 1, 10 I also used the slow cooker method with Sunsweet, and the California plum juice as the base for the sauce means it is really easyContinue reading “Rabbit & Prunes 😋”

Shiro be Kibbe 😋

Doro wat is often considered an Ethiopian national dish and is the chicken stew with spicy sauce – without frills. Ethiopian cuisine of all time, made with basic ingredients and spices, here is what I discovered about it during my time in the country. It is served with misir wat, Ethiopia’s fermented flatbread, which isContinue reading “Shiro be Kibbe 😋”

Carbonara 😋

This recipe is baked to make pasta with bacon, in a creamy, simple sauce, making it the easiest sauce ever. Add the bacon, the fat of the guanciale, the olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder and salt and, using a wooden spoon or tongs, put it back into the pasta water and mix to emulsifyContinue reading “Carbonara 😋”

Nyama Choma 😋

I’ve written a few times in Migrationsology about where to eat the best Nyama Choma in Nairobi, and it’s always been a lip-licking article. Check out my list of my favourite places where I can eat good nYama Choma and where I eat it. Burgers are popular throughout northern Kenya, but my favourite place isContinue reading “Nyama Choma 😋”

Moussaka 😋

Greek moussaka or “mousaka” is one of the most popular dishes in Greece, served in almost every tavern and prepared in households for special occasions. Sources: 5 The epitome of Greek comfort, moussaka is basically a meat sauce with a lot of flavor: rich beef or lamb stuffed with lightly spiced oregano and cinnamon, toppedContinue reading “Moussaka 😋”

Mutton Karahi 😋

Mutton Karahi, which is often found in Pakistan, is simply the epitome of good Pakistani food, served on special occasions and for social gatherings. I went to some very delicious Shinwari’s restaurants that have been successful in Islamabad and serve some of the best food in the city. Mutton Karahi, often served on special occasionsContinue reading “Mutton Karahi 😋”

Bouillabaisse 🤢

Bouillabaisse is, in its most austere form, an assertive, flavoured, richly structured saffron-seafood stew, almost always served in two courses. When properly prepared, the fish is baked in a soup, not stewed, and is served along the French Mediterranean coast. The spicy fish soup known as bouillabsse has long been one of the most popularContinue reading “Bouillabaisse 🤢”

Foo Foo 😋

Basically, place the banana harvest in a bowl and beat the yam mixture with a wooden spoon until smooth, then put it in the bowl. Enjoy your Foo Foo! The traditional method of eating fufu is to pinch it with the right hand and form an easy-to-swallow round ball. You can dip a small scoopContinue reading “Foo Foo 😋”