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I did an Art! πŸ˜…πŸ€£

I use sweatcoin to collect points on my journeys around London, and for 15coins I was offered 45 photos! I have thousands of these coins so I didn’t mind spending 15. I decided to decorate my bog room

31st July 2021

Amazon Photos archive… IPFS archive… ipns://bafzaajaiaejcbiz4yuitnqcuhmqgj6jkb6cugwhnf2i7e57mhmaffyyqfztjgsck/2021-07-31 Twitch… Highlights… An early start today to meet a friend at KX station, also edoodles finished her characture of me so its been exciting today! πŸ˜…πŸ˜πŸ€£ Also I’ve sent some of my clothes to be mended so they should be back in a week 😁 πŸ‘»

SLaC Doodle (reblog)

I swore I would never make an attempt to drawing humans, but when Something Long and Complicated doodle make a doodle based on himself, I wanted to give it a try. It was an absolute joyful collaboration – thank you! And since email can’t seem to handle sending PNG files (why?!🀨), I will post itContinue reading “SLaC Doodle (reblog)”

30th July 2021

Amazon Photos archive… IPFS archive… ipns://bafzaajaiaejcbiz4yuitnqcuhmqgj6jkb6cugwhnf2i7e57mhmaffyyqfztjgsck/2021-07-30 Twitch… Highlights… Waiting for coffee πŸ˜€ Livestreaming πŸ˜… Bath time 😊 A wet and rainy day in London! I fell off my bike, I’m ok , the dog πŸ• that crossed my path is ok, but my bike is a little worse for wear, I may haveContinue reading “30th July 2021”

29th July 2021

Amazon Photos archive… IPFS archive… ipns://bafzaajaiaejcbiz4yuitnqcuhmqgj6jkb6cugwhnf2i7e57mhmaffyyqfztjgsck/2021-07-29 Twitch… Highlights… Art supplies arrived 😊😊 Things are going to get messy πŸ€— Me drinking coffee β˜•πŸ˜ Ok it was a rough start today, first 8 had no coffee at home to get me started to go get a coffee, then when I did go to getContinue reading “29th July 2021”

28th July 2021

Amazon Photos archive… IPFS archive… ipns://bafzaajaiaejcbiz4yuitnqcuhmqgj6jkb6cugwhnf2i7e57mhmaffyyqfztjgsck/2021-07-28 Twitch… Highlights… A new friend πŸ˜€ It’s me πŸ˜€ Coffee!!! 😜 Oh boy! I was not expecting that! After a Camden lunch and a golly good chat, it belted it down, I got very very wet very quickly, I also took my bag that has a habitContinue reading “28th July 2021”

Mr. Donut and friends: Explore the 12 months of a year

I think you might like this book – “Mr. Donut and friends: Explore the 12 months of a year” by Andrea Benko. It’s a fantastic book, I was in tears laughing, took me about 30mins to enjoy (but I’m blind in one eye) it’s written by edoodles on WordPress πŸ‘»

27th July 2021

Amazon Photos archive… Twitch… ipns://bafzaajaiaejcbiz4yuitnqcuhmqgj6jkb6cugwhnf2i7e57mhmaffyyqfztjgsck/2021-07-27 Highlights… The animals invaded angel Central πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ Me drinks coffee A random filter I already had a rant today so 8oo save you the earful about paxful, BUT tomorrow all bets are off πŸ˜…

I am a real boy πŸ˜Š

So… This just happened, As I understand… They’ve agreed I’m a real boy… BUT maybe not for too long… Funny thing is… I actually haven’t spoke to these guys in a long long time.. Ok 4 days, but it was on their LinkedIn page, they was congratulating THEMSELVES on diversity, so I had to putContinue reading “I am a real boy πŸ˜Š”

Whoop whoop πŸ™Œ

And we are live! somethingcomplicated.crypto Ok to access it you need an extension or Brave or Opera browser and it needs to resolve eth by the ethereum method But it’s there! Online forever πŸ˜… The website it’s self is hosted on IPFS, currently pinned by myself and, once the design is final and I’mContinue reading “Whoop whoop πŸ™Œ”

July 26th 2021

Amazon Photos archive… Twitch… Highlights… Ok I’m tried today but… … I did it, I bought somethingcomplicated.crypto it’s mine, it’s on the Blockchain, but I haven’t updated the website yet, it’ll cost about Β£10 in gas but I don’t have that yet, but as soon as I do, I’ll assign the website I’veContinue reading “July 26th 2021”

test embed from ipfs

there is no need to be concerned if you cannot see the image below, its an embed from IPFS server, Brave and opera users should see it OK but unless you have the plugin you wont be able to see in it any other browser (so im told) the image above is just for funContinue reading “test embed from ipfs”

July 25th 2021; it’s kinda complicated…

So basically in a few hours from now, my online presence will be changed FOREVER hahahaha 🀣 But seriously… will be a landing page for Future blog posts hopefully 🀞 will be backed up to as far as I understand you need Brave or Opera browser to visit this link OR anContinue reading “July 25th 2021; it’s kinda complicated…”

July 24th 2021; Freedom Rally @ The National Gallery

Amazon Photos archive… Twitch… Highlights.. So today was a good day πŸ˜€, first I made a few cosmetic changes to my website, subtle ones, see if you can notice πŸ˜… it’s been on my to-do list for nearly a year! (Don’t forget this website was just supposed to be a landing page forContinue reading “July 24th 2021; Freedom Rally @ The National Gallery”

July 23rd 2021

Amazon Photos archive… Check out this video “Geocaching in London… Highlights… Today’s test of livestreaming via twitch went well to be fair, i had a few signal problems while geocaching around Highbury that split the livestream into separate videos, and the quality of the video, while watchable isn’t the best, but it’s aContinue reading “July 23rd 2021”

So… This happened…

Well they decided whatever I did was really bad, so bad in fact they won’t tell me what I did wrong It’s actually become apparent that being blocked from YouTube is an actual pain in the ass, as I can not even watch videos, so when I try to find a song on Google, orContinue reading “So… This happened…”


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