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Travel Guide: Capernaum, Israel

Capernaum, in the Galilee of northern Israel is a Biblical village, located not far from other important Christian sites in Israel such as Bethsaida,…

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Nahal Poleg, Israel 😌

East of Nahal Poleg is a nature reserve called Sha’ar Poleg, where you can see many daffodils, cyclamen, anemones and orchids. Here you can see some flowers, such as the blue lupin and the blue lupin, as well as some other species. There is a sports complex south of Netanyahu, Israel, founded in 1957 andContinue reading “Nahal Poleg, Israel 😌”

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Advice: Travelling in Israel

Have my Israel posts been able to inspire you to make your way to one of the most fascinating countries in our world? I hope yes. Yes enough to add …

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Curry Dish 😋

I’ve made the best curry dish recipe anyone ever make at home and believe it or not, it’s even better than the curry you eat in Japan. This tempting butter and seafood curry recipe is prepared in just a few minutes using a pressure cooker, but I’ll never share with you 😝. To get aContinue reading “Curry Dish 😋”

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Okinawa and a beautiful dream

Yes! I am hurt. But he is like a beautiful dream I do not want to stop seeing and a harsh reality I do not want to face anymore. This song washes …

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Okinawa: 75 years ago

By PFC. WILLIAMS LAND | STARS AND STRIPES May 22, 1945 Stars and Stripes presents these archive reports as they were written by the reporters in the …


Pad Thai 🤐

In this post we discuss the spices for Pad Thai on the stove, share some of our favourite Pad Thai dishes and sauces and maybe share some recipes for stirring – fried vegetables and scrambled eggs to make it even more delicious. Making Pad Thai is a very dangerous thing to do on an emptyContinue reading “Pad Thai 🤐”

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Renting a Bike: Chiang Mai Thailand

We recently hired a bike in Chiang Mai that we are paying for on a month to month basis. Hiring a bike works out cheeper than buying one outright and…

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Thailand, Asia 😆

As the year end approaches, travellers who still hope to enjoy a quick winter escape to Asia face a stark truth: they can still forget to enjoy it. Thailand is experiencing the collapse of its domestic travel agencies as a result of the coronavirus, including household names such as Khao San Road and Thai Airways,Continue reading “Thailand, Asia 😆”

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Ethical Dilemma: Northern Thailand

Ethical tourism is tricky. If ever it did, the ‘take only pictures, leave only footprints’ brand of travel ethics doesn’t stand up to scrutiny during…


Locro 😋

Locro When most people here in Buenos Aires think of dried white corn or cracked corn, they think of a hearty, savoury meal with lots of vegetables, beans, meat and spices. In winter, we serve a variety of corn stews, soups, stews, noodles, salads, sandwiches, desserts and much more. Locro is usually served with bread,Continue reading “Locro 😋”

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Images: Fires in Sierras de Córdoba

The fire gives no truce to the firefighters. The prevailing drought caused the fronts to multiply during Sunday. The main outbreaks were in Santa …

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Haggis 🤮

The Wild Haggis (Hagis scoticus) is a fictional creature that is said to be native to the Scottish Highlands. The haggi, which is known around the world as a typical Scottish dish, is reflected in the fact that tourists are often teased, teased and tricked in stories about the fictional “Wild Haggedis.” Scottish pranksters tryContinue reading “Haggis 🤮”

Wind Energy in Scotland

Guest post by David Redfern, aka HotScot I was invited by Charles the Moderator to write an essay with the emphasis on Scottish wind derived …


Chicken Mull 😋

In October, the town of Bear Grass, 73, about 20 miles northeast of Greenville, held its annual Chicken Mull Festival and served 65 gallons of chicken prepared by 13 competing teams. In October 2014, they held their first chicken mull festival in Bear Grass, South Carolina. In September our city with its just over 1000Continue reading “Chicken Mull 😋”

Travel Stories: Odisha Canyon Lake!

Hey!It’s another happy weekend and I’m precisely halted myself to share this week’s picturesque adventure with you all. After almost 3-4 months I …

Jharsuguda, Odisha, India 😅

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated a new airport in Jharsuguda on Saturday, which is expected to attract investors from mineral-rich areas and serve as a lifeline for the state’s western region. The Airport Authority of India is developing jharsuguda Airport at an estimated cost of 210 cron. The first flight to Jharsuguda was made onContinue reading “Jharsuguda, Odisha, India 😅”

Jharsuguda: Lakh house design

Searching for Jharsuguda 29 Lakh house design elevation images ? – then here is an Inspirational Home Design showcasing Home plans , Interior Design …

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Beef burger 😋

Cheeseburgers, are now one of the most popular foods in the United States. The burger chain has been wowing fans since Californians – based in the US – served thin pies with lettuce, tomatoes, perhaps cheese and onions in 1948. The best cheese that filled a cheeseburger is Cracker Barrel Sharp Cheddar, which I foundContinue reading “Beef burger 😋”

Yakima: Women’s Equality Day 1970

The feminist revolution in Yakima, Washington was not televised but I can testify that we were just as angry and militant as the sisters in New York …

Yakima, WA, USA 😮

Yakima County offers a growing variety of industries, including health care, education, agriculture, manufacturing, retail, tourism and more agriculture. From growing centres of high-tech, health and care to small and medium-sized enterprises focused on education and business development, Yakima County has the resources to help all types of companies thrive. Washington Genealogy is available inContinue reading “Yakima, WA, USA 😮”

A Guide To Gourmet Coffee

Even a Coffee Bean or San Francisco Coffee electrical outlet frequenter won’t have the ability to master the art of valuing true gourmet coffee …


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