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I have been working on making the New York bagel here in Seattle. This is journey which has taken me years, with many failures along the way. Nov …

Geese drinking

Canada Geese – Drinking In Unison

Photographing this pair of Canada Geese drinking water, I got lucky when they drank in unison.  The reflections were a bonus.   Canada Geese   Canada… That’s all for today folks! If you still need more reading material, here is today’s RANDOM INTERESTING INFORMATION…

Potato header

Poutine 😋

It’s hard to imagine a dish having such a big cultural impact on a country, but a poutine gives many Canadians a sense of national pride. Poutine is Canada’s national dish, so much so that whenever anyone asks me what I think of when they say Canada! Ya! I can only think poutine (not Putin).Continue reading “Poutine 😋”

Nacmine, Canada

Nacmine, Canada 😛

Take one of 6 ferries leaving Alberta for a unique scenic ride down the Bow River to the city of Calgary, or you can jump aboard a locomotive built in 1936, go underground and even hear the sounds of an abandoned mine in the heart of Nacmine. You can tour and learn about the historyContinue reading “Nacmine, Canada 😛”


French Toast the Right Way

Breakfast has always been the most important meal of the day. When you start off your day with good food, you set your day in a positive manner. One …

Cow header

Tafelspitz 😋

The Tafelspitz is considered by many as the national dish of Austria and is a beef cooked with root vegetables and spices. It is usually served with roast potatoes, but boiled potatoes or potato pancakes are also popular. In Germany it is often served as a sausage or hamburger, in Austria it is often baked.Continue reading “Tafelspitz 😋”

Hochgolling, Austria

Hochgolling, Austria 🤣

Hochgolling is a popular tourist destination and is reached from Chamonix by a cable car that brings visitors near Mont Blanc. The view from the summit offers a view of the far eastern Alps, it is located in the Stubai Alps and is at 1,743 m above sea level the highest peak in Austria andContinue reading “Hochgolling, Austria 🤣”

Cooking with shy

Bircher Muesli: A Breakfast Favorite

Breakfast is always the best time for something juicy, sweet and fresh – it just feels like the right way to open the day. There’s no right way, …

Rice field

Gallo Pinto 😋

For Costa Ricans and Nicaraguans gallo pinto is an important part of the diet. Costa Rica claims that the name gallo pinto was coined in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Basically, rice and beans are boiled in coconut milk and a habanero chilli, known locally as Panamanian chilli, is added. You get aContinue reading “Gallo Pinto 😋”

Something visits Zapatera Nicaragua

Zapatera, Nicaragua 🤗

Welcome to Zapatera, a relatively undiscovered and almost forgotten island off the Caribbean Sea, not far from El Bambu, about 1,500 kilometers south-east of the capital of Nicaragua. Welcome to a place full of amazing views. El Bambu is a rocky outcrop containing a large number of small islands, each with its own history andContinue reading “Zapatera, Nicaragua 🤗”

Orange juice

Would you like a squeeze of Orange Juice?

Let’s see the ingredients you need: 4 fresh oranges, cold water or ice cubes (as you prefer), 4 teaspoons of sugar, according to your taste you could add…


Magical New Jersey

The New Jersey section of the Trail was some of my favorite. For starters, it isn’t Pennsylvania and the path along the border of New York takes you … That’s all for today folks! If you still need more reading material, here is today’s RANDOM INTERESTING INFORMATION (RII) …

Chicken and chicks

Chicken Savoy 😋

The chicken savoy, has been around for a long time and has gained a certain reputation in New Jersey, not only because of its delicacy, but also because the recipe has been passed around and reinvented so many times no one actually knows what the original dish looks like. It seems to have attracted theContinue reading “Chicken Savoy 😋”

Something visits New Jersey USA

New Jersey, USA 🤪

New Jersey is known as the Garden State because of the delicious fruits and vegetables it produces on its farms. Known as an industrial hub, it earned its nickname the Garden State because of its proximity to New York City and the Sandy Hook bee. New Jersey is a leading producer of cranberries, blueberries andContinue reading “New Jersey, USA 🤪”


Spiced Applesauce Muffins

A while back I was trying to find recipes to use up a bag of whole wheat flour that I had in my fridge. It’s funny, when I wasn’t looking for recipes…

Dog stamp

Postage Stamps: Uruguay 1999

Stamps of Uruguay 1999: Uruguay issued four stamps with dogs on them in 1999. The Dalmatian, a large sized dog noted for its white coat marked by black … That’s all for today folks! If you still need more reading material, here is today’s RANDOM INTERESTING INFORMATION…


Chivito 😋

The hamburger may be the grilled sandwich of the summer in the US, but when you’re in Uruguay, it’s all about chivito. Basically, fry a steak, and top with a layer of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, garlic, peppers and coriander, lightly fry two halves of bread, then spread a good dollop of mayo on the bottomContinue reading “Chivito 😋”

Something visits la Barra Uruguay

La Barra, Uruguay 😳

Uruguay is a country where you can enjoy a unique mix of cultures and traditions that prove to be great. Wedged between Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay has become the part of the world with which I fell deeply in love with. Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, was a Spanish citadel and still has the landmarksContinue reading “La Barra, Uruguay 😳”

Cheese toastie

For the love of a good cheese toastie.

I love comfort food – Autumn and Winter are on their way, and I can’t wait to eat all the things that bring me warmth, happiness and nostalgia; …

Best of uk

Places to Visit in the UK

Over the past few years, I have been to the UK several times. From the stunning nature and beautiful cities, to the fun pubs and friendly people, the… That’s all for today folks! If you still need more reading material, here is today’s RANDOM INTERESTING INFORMATION…

Black pig

Bangers and Mash 😋

Succulent sausages on a bed of buttery mashed potatoes, soaked in a rich onion sauce, is the best and tastiest dish in the world. Did i tell you how delicious this dish is yet? Bangers and mash, also known as sausage and potatoes, is a hearty and delicious meal it consists of three main ingredients,Continue reading “Bangers and Mash 😋”

Something visits seaford, uk

Seaford, UK 😒

Seaford is the top ten most popular places that Britons move to. The town is located opposite the chalk area of the South Downs, the coast to the east is a huge pebble beach and a series of chalk rocks, with the sea just a few hundred meters from the beach. The stretch between CuckmereContinue reading “Seaford, UK 😒”

Full breakfast

Full English Breakfast

We went out to meet the art group this morning, but after half an hour in the hot sun on our own we went up to the  local cafe. We both ordered full …


Bigos Stew 😋

Polish hunter stew, Bigos, is a hearty, smoky stew filled with rabbit, sausage, bacon and lots of vegetables. This savoury stew is made with the finest ingredients, which creates a complex and enticing taste. This amazing comfort food achieves the perfect balance between meaty, spicy and earthy flavours. You can add some chopped fresh whiteContinue reading “Bigos Stew 😋”


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