Something Complicated is changing something…

Well… I wasn’t going to tell you; i was going to let you figure it out on your own, but I’m all sorts of excited with my new direction. I started this blog as a simple webpage as an advertisement for my comic (available on Amazon Kindle, Google Books and Apple Books) but once I’dContinue reading “Something Complicated is changing something…”

Facebook Tried To Rob Me 🤬

It all starts with Facebook 🤦🏾‍♂️, way back in 2015 Facebook locked me out of my account claiming I’m not a real boy because I have an unusual name. The mirror run a story about it, and the argument between myself and facebook went viral. Facebook relented and allowed me back into my account. UntilContinue reading “Facebook Tried To Rob Me 🤬”

Red Dwarf T-Shirts! 😍

Red Dwarf Tv Show T-shirts Visit: The series Red Dwarf is set on a spaceship of the same name, at a height of 3 metres, and tells the story of Dave Lister, the last living human being, played by Craig Charles. The series follows the life of the show’s main character, Dave, who wasContinue reading “Red Dwarf T-Shirts! 😍”

The Adventures Of Something Complicated 🤗

Now Available from… Apple Books… Google books… Amazon (Kindle)… WebToons – Tapas – Introduction Something Complicated is just an “average joe” but due to his nature of not really giving a shit often finds himself in some sort of trouble, the Adventures of Something Complicated follows Something through these events.Continue reading “The Adventures Of Something Complicated 🤗”