31st July 2021

Amazon Photos archive… https://www.amazon.co.uk/photos/share/inLaurkoWPkKUugmOcB4HuZL8XbLRJouuIcxrVuZBMn IPFS archive… ipns://bafzaajaiaejcbiz4yuitnqcuhmqgj6jkb6cugwhnf2i7e57mhmaffyyqfztjgsck/2021-07-31 Twitch… Highlights… An early start today to meet a friend at KX station, also edoodles finished her characture of me so its been exciting today! πŸ˜…πŸ˜πŸ€£ Also I’ve sent some of my clothes to be mended so they should be back in a week 😁 πŸ‘»

30th July 2021

Amazon Photos archive… https://www.amazon.co.uk/photos/share/ENrIq7J9hcegC6gACltsuxmzEe9MUdGMYtwcu9kNVDp IPFS archive… ipns://bafzaajaiaejcbiz4yuitnqcuhmqgj6jkb6cugwhnf2i7e57mhmaffyyqfztjgsck/2021-07-30 Twitch… https://www.twitch.tv/somethingcomplicated/v/1102652636?sr=a Highlights… Waiting for coffee πŸ˜€ Livestreaming πŸ˜… Bath time 😊 A wet and rainy day in London! I fell off my bike, I’m ok , the dog πŸ• that crossed my path is ok, but my bike is a little worse for wear, I may haveContinue reading “30th July 2021”

Targeted Ads; should I be worried πŸ˜…

So unlike most people, I actually opted in to the cross website advert tracking, because I believe the apps/websites I use can offer me better service if I give them the data they want. Plus most shit I use is free and I really want it to stay that way, plus the internet isn’t real,Continue reading “Targeted Ads; should I be worried πŸ˜…”

29th July 2021

Amazon Photos archive… https://www.amazon.co.uk/photos/share/Lu9McpW5jWN0Z2GWBdwhWVCG19Qq7nnPxlpQJBXtoE6 IPFS archive… ipns://bafzaajaiaejcbiz4yuitnqcuhmqgj6jkb6cugwhnf2i7e57mhmaffyyqfztjgsck/2021-07-29 Twitch… https://www.twitch.tv/somethingcomplicated/v/1101633344?sr=a Highlights… Art supplies arrived 😊😊 Things are going to get messy πŸ€— Me drinking coffee β˜•πŸ˜ Ok it was a rough start today, first 8 had no coffee at home to get me started to go get a coffee, then when I did go to getContinue reading “29th July 2021”

Has WordPress been silent for 8hrs?

After recently rediscovering one of my favourite blogs on WordPress and finding out they hadn’t stopped blogging, I’ve been paying a little extra attention to my news feed… My news feed has never been silent for more than 1 hour, usually it’s a few minutes, but today it’s been silent for 7hr20mins????! Is this happeningContinue reading “Has WordPress been silent for 8hrs?”

Cut your hidden banking costs!

Hey managing your money would be so much easier if you had Revolut. Sign up with my link https://revolut.com/referral/somethb54z It’s my first time posting an affiliate link here πŸ˜… but to be honest it’s a good bank with some good features, so get on board! Plus by signing up with my link above, revolut willContinue reading “Cut your hidden banking costs!”

“Mr. Donut and friends: One day when I grow up” by Andrea Benko.

I think you might like this book – “Mr. Donut and friends: One day when I grow up” by Andrea Benko. https://amzn.eu/gh1XuDa Another fantastic book from edoodles πŸ˜€ personally I’m a big fan of her style, very bright colours with simple to read emotions of her character, if only real life could be so easyContinue reading ““Mr. Donut and friends: One day when I grow up” by Andrea Benko.”

28th July 2021

Amazon Photos archive… https://www.amazon.co.uk/photos/share/PfFjP7mBaeFBJHI1jTs0HbVS4LiNzYTYFt9Y7DjpQNv IPFS archive… ipns://bafzaajaiaejcbiz4yuitnqcuhmqgj6jkb6cugwhnf2i7e57mhmaffyyqfztjgsck/2021-07-28 Twitch… https://www.twitch.tv/somethingcomplicated/v/1100592873?sr=a Highlights… A new friend πŸ˜€ It’s me πŸ˜€ Coffee!!! 😜 Oh boy! I was not expecting that! After a Camden lunch and a golly good chat, it belted it down, I got very very wet very quickly, I also took my bag that has a habitContinue reading “28th July 2021”

Mr. Donut and friends: Explore the 12 months of a year

I think you might like this book – “Mr. Donut and friends: Explore the 12 months of a year” by Andrea Benko. https://amzn.eu/3AC6hJs It’s a fantastic book, I was in tears laughing, took me about 30mins to enjoy (but I’m blind in one eye) it’s written by edoodles on WordPress Edoodless.wordpress.com πŸ‘»

#SomethingIsARealBoy #BuySomethingACoffee

Jokes aside πŸ˜… I’m getting really fed up with having to prove I’m real on shitty websites that really should just be happy anything clicked there link, robot or otherwise. Real legit services, like the government or agencies providing a service like banking or international travel or legit casinos have no problem verifying I’m real,Continue reading “#SomethingIsARealBoy #BuySomethingACoffee”