Tungnath, India 🧐

I have seen many breathtaking sunrises all over the world, but there is one thing that always comes to mind when I think of one breath – the morning. Sources: 13 The Tungnath Temple is located at 3680 meters above sea level and is a Panch Kedar nestled in the miraculous Rudraprayag Mountains in Uttarakhand.Continue reading “Tungnath, India 🧐”

Don Hoi Lot, Thailand 😁

We have put together a number of different destinations to help you make the most of your two weeks in Southeast Asia. Become three sights before you drive from Bangkok to Hua Hin, then on to Chiang Mai and then to Phuket. Sources: 6, 11 In the centre of Hoi An city, home to someContinue reading “Don Hoi Lot, Thailand 😁”

Ramos, Brazil 😌

Governor Celso Ramos is a place that has not yet been explored much by the public visiting the magical city of Florianopolis, Brazil. The beauty of it is that it was chosen by Paul McCartney and stayed with him while he visited Santa Catarina. Sources: 0 Olivera Moises, a Rio de Janeiro security officer whoContinue reading “Ramos, Brazil 😌”

Mumbai, Maharashtra 🥸

Mumbai has always been one of our favorite places and is also a great place to hang out with so many places we consider the best places for our friends in Mumbai. Juhu Beach is one such spectacular place in Mumbai, often frequented by couples who need a quick detour from the bustling city centre.Continue reading “Mumbai, Maharashtra 🥸”

Bogor Palace, Indonesia 🤪

Many people miss the opportunity to explore the beauty of West Java on a trip to Jakarta, but not all of us. Sources: 10 Therefore, most foreign tourists come here from Jakarta for a one-day tour and stay in Bogor for a day, two days or even longer. If you decide to do so, rememberContinue reading “Bogor Palace, Indonesia 🤪”

Oulu, Finland 🥲

Oulu is the capital of Lapland and the home of Santa Claus. It is the perfect place to organise a trip to Oulu, one of Finland’s most popular holiday destinations, and tell Santa what he really wants. Due to its remote location, it is rapidly becoming an alternative Finnish destination to visit for both touristsContinue reading “Oulu, Finland 🥲”