Roanoke, Virginia 🧐

Roanoke, Virginia is one of my absolute favourite places to visit, and there are lots of back roads to explore. There are some of the best places for hiking, biking, camping, fishing, hiking and more. Roanokes is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains in southwest Virginia and is home to the largest city in VirginiaContinue reading “Roanoke, Virginia 🧐”

Donzhansk, Ukraine 😎

The liberated Ukrainians, who were previously imprisoned in temporarily occupied Donbass, decided to declare war on Russia today. The DNR representatives, said that Ukraine will send free coffins to Moscow to help with Russias lost soldiers as a gesture of good faith and that the war Ukraine has declared on them is only business, nothingContinue reading “Donzhansk, Ukraine 😎”

Bleone, France 😊

Eurotunnel and Le Shuttle, which take you from Calais to Dover in just 35 minutes, make exploring northern France by car easy and fun. Bleone is one of the most beautiful cities in France. Set in a park surrounding the city’s famous citadel, there is a zoo that is the perfect destination for those onContinue reading “Bleone, France 😊”

Eastern Province, Sierra Leone 🙃

Sierra Leone has the third largest harbour in the world and is always looking forward to the arrival of cruise ships. During the tribal war in Sierra Leone, the town served as a refuge for the Sherbro ethnic group, who fled the area. The city of Freetown, with its wealth of rare animal species, hasContinue reading “Eastern Province, Sierra Leone 🙃”

Texas, USA 🤠

The enormous size of Texas gives a range of natural experiences from the Texas Panhandle coast to the Gulf Coast. So it’s no surprise that there are many places in the state with great food and great people, like Austin. The Palo Duro Canyon cuts through the Texas plateau, a vast expanse of beauty thatContinue reading “Texas, USA 🤠”

The Ancient Egyptian Time Machine

The ancient Egyptians believed that the essence of a deity could inhabit an image of that deity, or, in the case of mere mortals, part of that … That’s all for today folks!  If you still need more reading material, here is today’s RANDOM INTERESTING INFORMATION (RII) …

Nile, Egypt 😱

The Nile flows through Egypt, it is the main source of Egypt’s water supply. The Nile flows all year round and provides life; it fertilises the soil and provides irrigation to its people. Egypt has played a huge role in the rise of civilisation, and the Nile has influenced the history of humanity, it isContinue reading “Nile, Egypt 😱”

Time Out in Malta

The timing of this post got turned upside down.  I came back from Malta only three weeks ago and I meant to write about my trip soon afterwards. But … That’s all for today folks! If you still need more reading material, here is today’s RANDOM INTERESTING INFORMATION (RII) …

Goza, Malta ☺️

There is no shortage of sights to see in Gozo and Malta, but everyone of them is always better than the last, and no place you can visit here is insurmountable. No matter how many times you have been to Gozo, whether you spend your time visiting the sights or checking facebook, you will knowContinue reading “Goza, Malta ☺️”

McCaig’s Tower – Oben, Scotland

Thursday Doors is a weekly feature allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favorite door photos from around the world. Feel … That’s all for today folks! If you still need more reading material, here is today’s RANDOM INTERESTING INFORMATION (RII) …

Ailsa Craig, Scotland 🤨

Ailsa Craig, a volcanic island, which millions of people have visited, is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. Really. But in its history, it was a fortress and refuge for the Kennedy clan and this is often overlooked. In 1597 Hugh Hew Barclay of the Ladyland seized the island to stopContinue reading “Ailsa Craig, Scotland 🤨”