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Donating to Something Complicated couldn’t be easier, I’ve invested in opening up accounts with all the internet’s favourite money sharing sites, and if I’ve missed one, please contact me and I’ll see about opening an account with them too! (I’m trying my best to be as inclusive as possible 😀)

UPDATE: By all means please feel free to donate at any link on this page, however if you wish to unlock premium content on please use this link.

To donate online using credit or debit card please use your favourite money sharing platform.

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My personal thoughts on these money sharing platform. (I’ve included my link, please feel free to share it far and wide 🤗)


My personal favourite, very easy to use, very easy to set up an account, also i was a victim of fraud on this account (facebook tried to rob me!) the monzo staff was very quick to refund my money and stop my card, accepts Monzo.Me payments & all major debit cards. Also makes a very nice jingle when a transaction takes place on your account!


Shortly after signing up for a Monzo account, adverts for Revolut where all over my devices and services, from YouTube to PornHub. I was curious about the self destructing debit cards they offer, so signed up, the app itself is very UGLY but the services it offers are incredible, virtual, plastic and even metal debit cards, stock trading and asset trading, discounts and more, so yes a very good banking service all in all. Accepts Revolut payments & all major credit/debit cards.


I’ve always hated PayPal, the fees are extortionate and in the early days they used to take random penny’s from my and other peoples bank accounts for no reason other than they could (T&Cs), besides the expensive fees the service has never been a good experience, late transactions, reversed transactions and extra hidden fees. It is definitely my least favourite money sharing platform, however a lot of people trust PayPal and a lot of online services are PayPal exclusive so I begrudgingly hold an account. Accepts all major credit and debit cards.


A friend recommended I set up an account with these guys, I don’t have much to say about it as nothing bad or good has happened, I set up a page, and now its awaiting your kind donations. Accepts all major credit and debit cards.


I write articles on the regular for these guys so be sure to check out my profile! Accepts all major credit and debit cards.

My Online Shop:

All products here are chosen by me for comfort, style an uniqueness. Any profits made here are used to maintain this site and my studies.


Of course you can always buy something from my shop 😉, Redbubble make and manage the sale of merchandise for its easy to get started and i would recommend any artist should set up shop here, especially if they are just starting out.

REDBUBBLE has randomly suspended my account without any notice or explanation, I have requested an explanation and for my account to be reinstated, but for now it appears I’m without a merchant account. I do hope this is a temporary glitch, so i will not bad mouth them yet.

My views on FuckBubble can be found here.

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